BACHER Premium Leather Strop with Polishing Compound Set



BACHER Premium Leather Strop with Polishing Compound Set, 2 Sided Knife Stropping Paddle Block for Sharpening and Honing Knives, Woodcarving Tools

HAND-MADE in Poland: Highest quality 3mm (1/8″) thick russia leather, bark-tanned in the Podhale region in accordance with the 17th-century recipe. Hardwood paddle-shaped handle made from Beechwood (Fagus sylvatica) from Carpathian mountains forests. Both handcrafted into premium strop to keep any knife or straight razor scary sharp.

LARGE AND COMFORTABLE: Length 320mm (12.6″) & width 60mm (2.36″) in total. Working area length is 206mm (8.11″) x width 56mm (2.17″). Double-sided with smooth and rough leather to choose from according to your preferences.

VERSATILE AND EASY TO USE: Apply chosen compound on one or both sides of leather. Mostly customers use White compound on the rough side and Green compound on the smooth side. But you might prefer coarser or finer grit. You can also leave smooth side free of the compound for really ultra-fine touch-ups. Always strop after finishing sharpening on your finest stone by pulling blade backwards with low pressure. It is important to keep the same (or a little bit shallower) angle you sharpen at.

WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: This premium strop can be used for honing/buffing straight razors, chisels, hunting knives, pocket knives, kitchen (chefs) knives and many other tools that need the sharpest edge possible.

SPECIAL HONING COMPOUNDS: Softening balm and 4 grits of special Bacher honing compound are included. Soft and easy to apply, designed to be used especially on leather honing belts and strops. The balm softens and conditions the leather thanks to lanoline and beeswax additions. 7g (1/4 oz) each. Approximately grain: Red 2000 (medium), White 5000 (fine), Green 8000 (very-fine), Black 12000 (ultra-fine)


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