To my readers out there – This is Mistress Hardings account of devoted slave Lawrence’s session I grant you permission to read on ……..

Upon arrival at my premises, my devoted slave Lawrence had a very nervous disposition and a look of dread upon his face

I should think so, too ,given his insolent attitude earlier in the day.

I summoned him to enter. He immediately fell to his knees in a useless heap. grovelling and pleading for mercy.

I looked down on this pathetic so-called excuse of a man and ordered him to be quiet – Whereupon I proceeded to administer a well-deserved short,sharp shock.

With one almighty swing, I landed a slap across his face , leaving a nice rosey red handprint .

Which I must say I was rather proud of .

I held his chin in my hand, firmly stared at him , and said: “That will teach you! Obviously you have forgotten your place.”

I then ordered him to crawl along the corridor, having first made him strip completely naked,

I tightly fastened a collar and leash around his neck .

I decided it was well overdue to push this slave to his limits .

I also fitted him with a chastity device, turned the key in the lock and then dropped it between my ample bosoms for safe-keeping.

I said: “That will be staying on for the foreseeable future!”

At that , he begged permission to speak. I granted permission .

He squirmed and said: “Please, mistress. I can’t keep it on forever!”

I laughed and said: “I shall do with you as I please.

You are your mistress’s property and the sooner you learn that the better.”

I walked over to my wall of implements and chose one of my favourites – a long ,whippy leather riding crop.

I proceeded to thrash the slave soundly on his bottom.

After a jolly good thrashing from me and lots of grovelling for mercy from him.I decided it was time to put him away for some sensory deprivation in my dungeon.

I pulled the slave sharply by his leash and then gagged ,blindfolded and bound him tightly so there was no room for movement.

I started to close the door. Before leaving him in complete darkness ,I left him with a parting message.

In what I admit was a rather cruel tone, I said: “I shall be locking the door behind me so there will be no escape for you. You could be here forever if mistress so desires.”

I could hear the muffled sound of pleading, which obviously fell on deaf ears .I slowly turned the key .I left him there for quiet some time before I decided to set him free .Well, not quiet free , of course . He still had his chastity securely locked, his mistress is the holder of the key and owner of her devoted slave Lawrence.

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