Is that really you in the photos and are there any pictures that show your face?
Yes of course it is me! The reason why I don’t show my face is because, apart from being a Pro-Domme, I do occasional vanilla freelance work. The pictures are of me and I am often told that I look even more attractive in reality.
Are you discreet, Mistress? Will I be able to maintain my privacy before and during my meeting with you? What happens if we met by chance in “real life”?
Yes, my discretion is 100% assured and I will never compromise your privacy. For example, if, by chance, we met in real life (walking along a street, frequenting the same wine bar, at a concert, etc.), I would certainly not approach you nor acknowledge that I knew you, and I would expect the same level of discretion from you. Likewise, I would never call you, unless it was agreed beforehand or if you have provided me with contact details and expressly said that you were happy for me to use them to contact you.
Are your rates negotiable? Can I have a discount?
Yes, my rates are negotiable… but only upwards. Please do not even think about attempting to ask for a discount. If, after you mistakenly try to do so, I still deign to speak to you, the rate will have gone up – consider it a “fair punishment” for such insolence.