ADVANCE BOOKING: If after carefully reading my website, you wish to book a session, check my availability on the calendar below (if viewing on your phone, turn to landscape mode to see the calendar more clearly) and then simply fill in the form in as much detail as possible and wait for a response. I will not tolerate being harassed for a response and I reserve the right not to respond to your application if I feel that it was not completed to an acceptable standard. SAME DAY BOOKING: I take same day bookings on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and your booking must be finalised by 12pm (including paying a deposit) by phone or preferably text message. I still expect a deposit for same day bookings. If you wish to email Me, you can do so at [email protected].

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I might not be always available to take phone calls, hence I prefer it if you email me. I do not return any phone calls, out of respect for your privacy and I never answer phone calls from withheld numbers. If you wish to discuss any session arrangements over the phone, I will happily arrange a phone conversation with you upon receiving the initial email from you – in which you should have put these down in the first place – bad boy!

I expect you to be respectful, polite and to the point. If we are talking on the phone, you will be speaking to a lady who is interested in clarifying any outstanding matters and in agreeing a session date with you – not in having a kinky chat with a random stranger. No, I will not dominate you over the phone, and I will not entertain you by listening about your fetishes for hours.