About Me

I have been dominating men professionally since 2013. In those few years as a London Dominatrix, I have gone from being another out of nowhere newbie to the London BDSM scene armed with a corset and a pair of high heels, to being recognised as one of the international elite of Female Domination. How? By doing things my way.

I walked onto the scene with confidence in myself and in my abilities. I learnt as I went along: watching, reading, listening to my slaves and clients and using my sharp mind to analyse every single piece of information that went in. I never aspired to greatness, I simply aspired to doing it right. I don’t care if you like me or hate me. People either adore me, or they absolutely despise me, and there is a good reason for that. I am strong minded, and sharp tongued. I do things my way and put my fingers up at conventions and traditions.

I write extensively about my thoughts, fantasies and interests. This is so that through my website you can get to know me and decide for yourself if you feel a connection to my words, my spirit and my mission. If you don’t, then move on. I am not the right lady for you, and I wish you all the best in your search for the Domina who will make your dreams come true. However, if after reading through my site, and maybe following me on twitter, you get that gut feeling that my words are speaking directly to you then you have a duty towards yourself to meet me, serve me, and offer yourself to me.

I am ever learning and evolving, constantly honing my craft. The more I dominate, the more I adore it. Through this lifestyle, I have connected with my true core and that core radiates out of my every pore. In coming into Femdom, I have come home. I play with men’s desires, bodies and egos. The smell of fear makes my pulse race and my pupils dilate. Seeing a man immobilised and suffering, or humiliating himself for me makes me feel sparks of electricity in my groin. I want to use you, I want to see you put yourself through 7 Hells just because you know that it will make my juices flow. I want you to be excited by exciting me through your show of submission. That is what a true connection is: an infinite cycle of emotional intimacy exchanged between 2 people.

On a more practical level, I am British, born and brought up in France. That makes me bilingual in English and French and completely fluent with native accent in both. I am university educated, and well travelled. I come from an English Gentry heritage and I chose to become a Mistress. No circumstances pushed me into what I do. It was an informed decision taken because I felt a calling. That gut feeling I was writing about just above? I felt it and I followed it.