My recent session with my DEVOTED SLAVE Brian

To my readers out there – just so you dont get confused – this is a written feedback from one of my slaves Brian and so here goes, read on…

I had been a big fan of Mistress Harding for quite some time, I’d seen her profile on both fet life and adult works and to say I was blown away by her beauty was an understatement. Mistress Eve looks divine and as an immaculate dress sense, I had hoped to meet her for a session for quiet some time but never seemed to have just the time or the money to fulfil my dream.

Then one Saturday it all changed when those numbers came up on the lottery and I made my plans. I contacted Mistress Harding and said I would like to session with her over a weekend, throw in a little shopping and hopefully dinner with the beautiful goddess. I waited patiently for a response to my email and sure enough, a couple of days later Mistress Harding replied and said how delighted she would be to meet her latest new slave and admirer.

She said the idea of a number of sessions with her new slave as well as a shopping trip, mistress being pampered and wined and dined sounded delightful. Mistress Harding said that she had one demand that the session could not take place until the following weekend and that I must go out and get a chastity device and lock myself in until the following weekend.I dutifully did as instructed and managed to obtain a chastity device within a couple of days and locked myself in and texted Mistress Harding to say I was locked away. I found it strange to be caged and yet very excited to know it was being done in order to please my goddess.

The weekend eventually arrived, I showered, shaved, got dressed in a new suit and went to meet my beautiful and dominant Mistress for the weekend.

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